• Bonnie Upright, APR

Tony Caribaltes or Tim Curry?

Is your bio current? What about your photo? And are your bios/photos current across ALL of your sites and social media channels? Here's a great example from Tony Caribaltes (Avondale) on how having a current profile on the CBV website will help you find customers you didn't even know were looking for a realtor.

Caribaltes: "This was so cool. I just got off the phone with this really fun woman who found me on line. She needed a Realtor to assist her in-laws in selling and buying here in Jax. When she told me the situation, I asked how she got my name and she said that Coldwell Banker had helped her and her husband in NC so she went on line to the CB website and scrolled through our agents.

She said when she saw my picture and read my bio that she thought I would be a good fit for them.

The funny part was she said I reminded her of Tim Curry. I had never seen that before, but now that she mentioned it. In any event, it is just an important reminder to any agent to have a recent pic and bio filled out everywhere you can as you just never know who is looking or when. I was evidently the topic of conversation with her friends last evening and never even knew it! 😂 #tonygetsyouhome #cbvlife

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