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Take advantage of Connect U's digital marketing programs

By Paul Mahla, Connect U

Strategic marketing is essential for agents to grow their businesses. As we move into an era where digital marketing is dominating the field, it’s important we rely on the newest trends. At the start of 2019, CBV launched a program as part of the marketing matrix called “Ad-Advantage.” The goal is to reach customers digitally through online targeting and focusing our efforts on “agent brand awareness.” The strategy focuses on driving customer traffic to the agent’s website and encouraging direct communication.

In addition, due to popular demand from our agents, Connect U now offers custom ad design for programs such as Adwerx and Google Ads. We are also excited to be taking the next step in the social media world and will soon be launching incredible resources to boost your Facebook ads to a wider audience and develop more credible leads.

2019 is on track to be the best year we have ever had in promoting our agents’ online presence. One of the most common misconceptions I hear is that online advertising is the way to go because “everyone is online.” While that is true for the most part, it shouldn’t be the main purpose to increase your brand awareness online.

The real reason digital marketing works is that we can reach thousands of customers in a matter of seconds, with a higher success rate, for much less cost than before this technology was available.

With this in mind, our purpose is to work with you on ways we can get your brand in front of customers. The Connect U team is committed to grow digital marketing and putting our agents first.

To get a free advertising strategy consultation or to find out more about our great digital services, feel free to call or email me directly.

As always, happy selling!

Paul Mahla, Digital Marketing Consultant

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