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Stockings for St. Michael's Soldiers

By Grace McCurry, Mandarin

What kind of items do you like in your Christmas Stocking? Growing up, we always had a new deck of cards, oranges and nuts (for those of you that know me, yes, I was the nut). It wasn’t much but there were six of us rug-rats that my parents had to fill stockings for and still have presents under the tree and we were grateful!

Imagine, if you would, serving in the military, away from your family at Christmas time and how difficult that must be and how nice it would be to have a little something from home.

Well, Kathy Signorile imagined it and started St. Michael’s Soldiers in June of 2010. Her mission: “to support and honor the sacrifices of our active men and women through care packages, hero welcome home celebrations and our local troops and their families in North Florida.”

Kathy Signorile and St. Michael's Soldiers are an annual recipient of Mandarin St. Johns CBV Cares funds.

Every year, she gets her army of elves together, some working on donations of snacks, puzzle books, cards, small games – anything that keeps one occupied, while others work to fit everything into one stocking, inventory the items for the postal elves – err, inspectors, address and label the boxes. It is a mighty, busy workshop!

This year, Kathy and her elves sent out 2,662 stockings to our men and women serving overseas.
It our pleasure every year to assist with St. Michael’s Soldiers. Through Mandarin CBV Cares, we were able to contribute $2500 to help make the day just a little brighter for our men and women serving our country.
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