• Bonnie Upright, APR

No pina coladas and no rain, but our PYVOT group ESCAPED

Every quarter, our young professionals group gets together for networking and fun, free from "shop talk" and the occasional stress of realtor life. This quarter, our friends at US Bank sponsored the ULTIMATE team building event at The Escape Game in St. Johns Town Center.

The group was split into four teams, playing four individual games: Gold Rush, Special Ops, Prison Break and The Heist. One of the country's newest game obsessions, escape rooms are fast-paced, timed adventures that require participants to work together to solve clues and puzzles in order to escape. Three of our four groups were successful, with one group not quite completing its mission.

Eddie Smith of US Bank leads his team on the Walk of Escape Shame. But a great time was had by all! Thank you US Bank for turning a hot summer night into an adventure!

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