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September PYVOT lunch and learn: best practices, advice for new agents

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Early in her career, Helena Norden's business model focused on doing as much as possible, in every facet of the real estate industry, in order to get as smart as possible, as quickly as possible. An agent at the CBV Beaches office, Norden's advice for new professionals building their sphere is a holistic approach.

By building a knowledge base and doing a little bit of everything, Norden was able to educate herself on numerous types of real estate specialties. Being a generalist also gave her a financial support system, providing stability through market adjustments. "I don't do property management anymore, but when I started it was a great asset," Norden shared. "I had steady monthly income when I was building my business."

Norden also advises those seeking to "find their lane" to find those working in a vertical you aren't familiar with. She used commercial and multi-family as an example. "Team up with someone who does what you don't know," Norden said. "I teamed up with someone who did multi-family and I learned so much."

"Find what you're passionate about. For me, it's renovations and fixer uppers. I have a design background and it's always been my passion. " - Helene Norden

Finding someone with experience in what you're interested in is also key to success. When she was a newcomer to the profession, Jeanie Leapley of the Beaches office asked fellow agents if she could attend listings appointments. "Not everyone allowed me to do that, but it helped me figure out what I liked doing," Leapley said. "For me, it was listings and working with a partner. Having accountability is good for me personally, especially when it comes to doing the things that make you uncomfortable."

Daryl Atkins, Leapley's partner at the Beaches office, believes defining who you are leads to your business success, and that the longer you're in the business, the more you evolve. "Finding yourself takes time, but there are a lot of paths out there," Atkins said. "For example, if you speak the language of investors, then focus on that. Also, meeting with your broker can help you identify your path."

How you find your lane may also mean you do some things that may not actually work. Cara Ameer of the Beaches shared how she used traditional real estate lead generating tactics early in her career. "I remember door knocking. My feet covered in blisters," Ameer recalled. "Did we really get anything? Probably not. I was far more introverted then, but have evolved my brand into something that's much more me."

Ameer's online persona, with a knack for story telling and media, helps her remain relevant and top of mind. "My website is more about building my profile, brand and credibility," Ameer explained. "I've built many relationships with different media folks and it pays off."

Top Ten Tips for Career Building

  1. Do everything. Work every market. Show any house. Look at everything as a learning experience.

  2. Do property management. Relocation. Commercial. It all provides valuable experience.

  3. Set expectations with buyers and sellers. Sit down with them and talk about the process. It's much easier to overcome challenges when information is shared up-front.

  4. Invest in yourself. Take 15 - 20% of your revenue and put it into your business.

  5. Answer your phone.

  6. Prospect all the time. You should be spending 80% of your time prospecting, even when you are busy.

  7. Track your hours. Work 40 hours, especially when you think don't have enough business to take up that 40 hours.

  8. Take Sundays off. Tell your clients you don't work those days, especially if you work by yourself. You're much more susceptible to burnout.

  9. Talk to people. Put yourself in front of them, especially online. Have good reviews on your site. Ask your customers for reviews.

  10. Be good at what you do. It makes you invaluable.

"Forget you're a real estate agent and focus on helping people. That's really what our job is. " - Gary Davis

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